AGE– 7 Months (approx 13-14yrs old)

HEIGHT– 1’5″

BREED– Munchkin/Maine Coon

ABILITIES– Fire/Super Speed (Dominantly Fire, occasional Firey Speedbursts)

POSITION– Team Recruit (Brawler)

An impulsive little fireball, Stewie just started his Recruit Training very recently and is SUPER HYPE about taking on all the monsters he can for the good of the Dream Universes. And also some of the fame, and the activity. Seriously though just learn through action that’s way better than by the book.  He’s also super passionate about fighting for cats with weaker powers. Everyone has cool powers, and the fact that no one seems to notice that really sets him off.


Fiona (MOM) // (??) (Dad, Deceased)


SANDY (She/Her)

AGE– 1 1/2 Years (aprox 19-20yrs old)

HEIGHT– 2’0″

BREED– Mackerel Tabby/Calico/Scottish Fold(?)

ABILITIES– Ice/Teleport (Dominantly Ice, can teleport through self-made ice chunks)

POSITION– Team Sniper

Cold and calculating, Sandy is the silent protector of her team. She’s also the granddaughter of an Ice Dominant archery prodigy, and a descendant of an even more famous one. Don’t mention that to her face though, she’s not too fond of the association. She’s only a Prodigy because she was incredibly obsessive about training. Not because of her family tree.


Tigra (TWIN SIS)//Morgan (YOUNGER SIBLING, He/Him or She/Her)
Pickett (GREAT AUNT)//Mildred (GRANDMOM)
Tabbitha (MOM)// Rudy (DAD)



AGE– 2 1/2 years old (aprox 25yrs old)

HEIGHT– 2 1/2 feet

BREED– Oriental Bicolor/Devon Rex/Coon???

ABILITIES– Lightning/Lightning(Precog?)
(Hasn’t used her Recessive Ability ONCE as far as she’s concerned)

POSITION– Team Leader (Lancer)

Overachieving and very book smart, Patches fought tooth and claw for recognition over her brother’s achievements. She’s also a bit of a paranoid/nervous wreck but can keep a good control of that for the most part, as long as things go as planned. The fact that she hasn’t quite figured out how to turn into pure lightning like Flint can bugs her to no end.

Flint, Luke (BROTHERS)
Tuna (MOM)// ?? (DAD)


OTHER CATS (in approximate order of appearance)


AGE– 17 Years Old (Late 90s)

HEIGHT– 2.4 Feet

BREED– Turkish Angora/Domestic Longhair

ABILITIES– Healing/Fire

POSITION– Head Fighter

The oldest of the Department Heads, Pickett has gone through a lot. She’s also outlived her sister, her mate, and her son.

Despite this, she continues to keep the Fighter sector of Dreamers running smoothly, keeping a clear head and a more neutral standpoint compared to the other Heads

Travis (MATE, Deceased) // Tim (SON, deceased)
Mildred (SISTER, Deceased)// Marshmallow (MOM, deceased)
Tabbitha (NIECE) // Sandy, Tigra, Morgan (GRANDNIBLINGS)


#78131920 aka “GHOST” (They/Them)

AGE– 2-3 months old

HEIGHT– 1 foot

BREED– ..Sphinx????


POSITION– N/A (Still a kitten)

A strange kitten, apparently dangerous. Also known as “Madeline’s Project”


DAISY (She/Her)

AGE– 4 Years Old

HEIGHT– 1.4 Feet

BREED– Singapura Mix

ABILITIES– Hyper Voice/Plant (Singing Variant)

POSITION– Researcher

Ghost’s primary caretaker



AGE– Almost 8 Months (almost 14-15)

HEIGHT- 1’4″

BREED- Purebred Scottish Fold

ABILITIES- ????? (one of the not so flashy powers anyway)

POSITION- Recruit, Lancer (on Flint’s Team)

One of Stewie’s roommates. A nervous boy who doesn’t have the best self esteem


MISTY (She/Her)

AGE- 7-8 Months (about 14)

HEIGHT- 1’3″

BREED- Ragdoll Mix

ABILITIES- ???? (Something with Water)

POSITION- Recruit, Sniper (on Fiona’s team)

Stewie’s other roommate. Bubbly and cheerful and apparently very knowledgeable on the illegal fight ring. A superfan of Mildred (and by extension Sandy)



AGE- 2 1/2

HEIGHT- 2 1/2

BREED- Devon Rex (Tortie)/Coon/Oriental Shorthair

ABILITIES- Lightning/Lightning (Blue Toned)

POSITION- Leader, Team Brawler

The narcissistic leader of Francis’s team, Patches and Luke’s Brother


TIGRA (She/Her)

AGE- 1 1/2

HEIGHT- 2’0″

BREED- Brown Tabby/Calico (in genes)

ABILITIES- Fire/Teleport (uses her own flames to teleport places)

POSITION- Team Brawler (Fiona’s team)

Sandy’s Twin sister. Feels like she’s the “lesser twin”. Constantly mistaken for Sandy. ALWAYS ANGRY.


MORGAN (Genderfluid, He/Him or She/Her)

AGE- 10 Months

HEIGHT- 1’8″

BREED- Calico/Tabby

ABILITIES- Teleport/Toxic (Hurts themselves when they teleport too much)

POSITION- Team Lancer (team leader unknown)

Sandy and Tigra’s younger sibling. Constantly loses their ability to speak after repeated teleporting and just gave up on talking altogether. Usually speaks in sign language.



AGE- Died at 8 Years (would be 17-18 by now)

HEIGHT- 2.4 Feet

BREED- Turkish Angora/Domestic Longhair

ABILITIES- Ice/Duplication (she can make Ice Clones of herself)

POSITION- Team Sniper (before she became her own team)

Granddaughter of the famous Alpha Trio Archer, Mildred was closed off and very self sufficient. She was able to become her own team and became super famous as a result. She died from over-exerting herself during one particularly hard mission and got overwhelmed by the monsters that inhabited the universe as a result.



Wildly famous cats from about 20 years ago. These guys were the most recent reincarnations of the First Trio to ever enter the Buffer Zone, at least that’s how the legends go anyway.

In their prime, they made multiple appearances on many different forms of media. The fact that they all ended up in the East Coast (US) Sector made them celebrities. Their high Monster Kill record also assisted in that

These 3 flat out vanished without a trace, and Lilly was the only one to have a child before doing so (which started off Sandy’s family tree)

LILLY (She/Her)- Ice/Toxic (Leader, Team Sniper) // Liliac-point (tabby variant)

TAMARA (She/Her)- Lightning/Precognition (Team Lancer) // Devon Rex Mix Tortie

WALTER (He/Him, AFAB) – Fire/Time (Team Brawler)// Snowshoe Mix