There are multiple abilities available, and with them come a varying range of extra skills based on if it’s Dominant or Recessive. This is just a very brief explanation of some of the powers and how they generally respond to being Dominant or Recessive and how rare they actually are
In short, your Recessive Abilities depend on what power is dominating, although how they work together can vary

(And the examples aren’t set in stone, there’s other ways specific power sets can work)


The Powers

This includes Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Wind, Light,Shadow, Plant, Technology (Cyberkinetic), Earth, even The Essence of Nothing (Void), basically anything that already exists as an element

GENETIC DOMINANCE: High, generally Dominant and tends to knock out weaker abilities, although abilities like Ice/Void/Cyber can get knocked down to Recessive if both parents happen to have another one of these abilities Dominant

Element/? (Dominant)
Total control of that ability, generally have to go crazy with that power to use the Recessive one
—EXAMPLE: A Fire/Super Speed cat having to fire themselves up to get a minor speed burst, or an Ice/Duplication cat using their Ice to make copies of themselves

?/Element (Recessive)
The Dominant ability has the Elemental ability as an accent, and they can still use it, albeit not as strongly as someone with it Dominant
—EXAMPLE: A Duplication/Ice cat having minor Ice abilities and clones acting like they have it Dominant (when it’s really their only power), or a Speed/Fire cat only producing flames when they run fast enough

With these abilities, you can distort and shift your body around. This includes Elastic, Growth, Shrinking, Shapeshifting (only bits of the body not the whole thing), Duplication, and others that haven’t been discovered/evolved into their own power yet

High-Moderate, generally hit the Dominant slot but can get knocked down to Recessive if more Dominant stuff is involved

Body/? (Dominant)
Total (mostly) control of the ability, with accents of the other power giving it some oomph
—EXAMPLE: An Elastic/Fire cat stretching out fast enough to start burning things, a Shapeshift/Earth cat having an affinity to make their body shifts look rock like

?/Body (Recessive)
They can still use these abilities, it’s just going to involve the Dominant one much more
—EXAMPLE: An Ice/Shapeshift cat making ice form on their arms/legs/tail and shifting that into useful weapons

This includes Super Strength, Super Speed, Flight, Healing, Hyper Voice (Vibrato), Psychic, Precognition, Teleport, and Invincibility/Invulnerability

GENETIC DOMINANCE: Moderate, has an equal chance of going one way or the other depending on what’s floating around in the family tree

Enhanced/? (Dominant)
Full control of the ability, with the other ability acting as an accent
—EXAMPLE: A Hyper Voice/Fire cat screaming so loud that things catch fire, a Precog/Water cat having calmer visions compared to a Precog/Fire cat and their active visions, a Strength/Ice cat actually getting colder as they use their strength, a Healing/Fire cat having firey accents as they heal themselves/others

?/Enhanced (Recessive)
Either shifts an aspect of the Dominant Power or just gives hints of the real deal
—EXAMPLE: A Water/Hyper Voice cat that’s just inherently loud (especially underwater), a Fire/Flight cat that can use their Fire abilities to fly around like Iron Man, a Fire/Teleport cat only able to jump short range wherever their fire is, a Light/Invincible cat being able to make LIGHT SHIELDS (?/Invincible generally means shields of your Dominant ability)

Basically when the same ability occupies both slots. This is pretty common with the Elemental Abilities. This generally means the cat has total control of whatever ability they have, or just a very strong variation of it

—EXAMPLE: A Lightning/Lightning cat being able to turn into pure electricity, a Duplication/Duplication cat making clones that can make copies of themselves (and those clones might be able to do the same with enough training), an Invincible/Invincible cat is completely indestructible


This one is tricky, while it works mostly like the other Elemental abilities, it’s genetic dominance is a bit lower and there’s some specifics for what it does in the Dominant and Recessive slots. It also has a habit of not doing very well against monsters

Toxic/? (Dominant)
You’re pretty much immune to toxins in general, especially yours, but you can seriously hurt your teammates if you’re not careful
—EXAMPLE: Toxic/Fire cat having toxins that BURN, Toxic/Invincible and you have a toxin that is incredibly deadly due to it being invincible to vaccines. Toxic/Healing makes you heal everyone else but you in horribly grotesque ways

?/Toxic (Recessive)
Unlike when it’s Dominant, you’re the only one who’s really hurting when you use your abilities. Having Toxic Recessive majorly screws you up way more than it does your teammates and Monsters. And any backlash related with over using your Dominant ability is intensified and way easier to trigger

BUT it’s not all bad. One advantage these cats have is that the more they get hurt, the more intense their power is. It is a double edged sword though, cause this can also trigger Baclkash quicker.

—EXAMPLE: A Lightning/Toxic cat being in constant nerve pain, a Duplication/Toxic cat being in serious pain each time they split (and the clones being more and more deformed), a Precog/Toxic cat getting incredibly intense headaches/nosebleeds after each vision (said visions are HORRIBLE DEATH VISIONS ALL THE TIME)

This one also requires it’s own section since it’s incredibly rare and also acts differently compared to the other abilities.

GENETIC DOMINANCE: INCREDIBLY LOW, it either gets knocked down to Recessive or knocked out entirely in the offspring. To even get it Dominant would require at least 2-3 generations with Recessive Time in at least one of the parents

?/Time (Recessive)
Based on the Dominant Ability, you’ll be able to control a segment of Time, but not have total control over it. Sometimes the Dominant Ability will just have Time aspects
—EXAMPLE: A Speed/Time cat being able to run fast enough to where they can slow time down around them, or a Precog/Time being able to see alternate timelines on top of the alpha one. An Ice/Time cat being able to briefly freeze time

Time/? (Dominant)
With Time Dominant, the cat has access to ALL the aspects the Time Ability has to offer, this includes Time Travel and Time Manipulation. But they are inherently better at a particular aspect of it based on the Recessive Ability, and learning the other bits can be harder (like a Time/Duplication cat trying to figure out how to not leave their past selves everywhere when looping). Other times the Recessive Ability gives their Time stuff some of it’s attributes with no real initial skill boost
—EXAMPLE: A Time/Psychic cat who’s the best at Mental Time Travel, or a Time/Fire cat having fiery accents to their abilities.

A newer “ability” that’s only just starting to pop up in Recessive slots. This isn’t actually an ability at all, rather a lack of one. Sometimes abilities just cancel eachother out entirely in the offspring. As of now only 5% of the Dreamer population are affected by this

–EXAMPLE: A Fire/Null cat only having the Dominant effects of Fire, or a Null/Fire cat only getting the Recessive effects of Fire