Mostly for biology and random factoids not covered by the Manny Explains pages (yet)

A quick chart for your convenience

Quick rundown of cat ages, keeping in mind that they’re physically a week older (cause of the Waking Form)
They age pretty darn fast human-age wise, until they hit 1 Year Old and level out. Like all the “teenage” stuff is condensed into like a year. These are also approximate human ages and might not be entirely accurate

  • Newborn-1 Week: Brand new baby, completely helpless
  • 2-3 weeks old: More Advanced Baby
  • 1 Month Old- Toddler age, maybe get kitten training a bit early near the end
  • 2 Month Old– Kindergarten Age, therabouts
  • 3 Month Old– First-Second Grade age
  • 4-6 Months– Elementary/Middle School age, really skims through it in weeks
  • 7 Months– on the edge of High School Freshman age (12-13)
  • 8-11 Months– Skimming through High School
  • 1 Year– Adult but like, in the sense that 18 is adult but still pretty young
  • 2 years- Mid 20s
  • 4 years– Mid 30s
  • 6 years– Mid 40s
  • 8 years- 50s
  • 10 years– 60s (Cats can retire around this age, technically anytime but it’s encouraged by now)
  • 12 years– 70s
  • 14 years– 80s
  • 16 years- mid 80s
  • 18 years– 88