(once again, webcomic time is hell and it’s gonna take forever to reach this point so here’s some worldbuilding for you all before I reach the point where I start explaining it in canon, as a treat)

Trying to figure out who the next Alpha Trio (A3) could be is incredibly difficult, especially with the thousands upon thousands of cats that match the criteria given below. The only way to truly know is when the cat Respawns for the first time and gains The Scar on their forearms


An artist interpretation of the scars

But because the A3 are mythical figures, the different Heads of State are always scrambling to be the first to find these guys. You get even one of them in your branch and you get rocketed into fame. So the Researchers eventually figured out the pattern that each reincarnation always follows


The Powers (and eye colors)

First off, the cats gotta have the right Dominant power, power color, and eye color. The Recessive doesn’t matter.
(neither does gender or familial relations, honestly)

  1. Dominant Fire always has Green powers, and Green eyes
  2. Dominant Ice always has Blue Powers and Blue eyes
  3. Dominant Lightning always has Yellow powers and Yellow eyes

This still covers plenty of cats, since Elemental powers are pretty widespread and the most genetically dominant of the powers, and powers matching with eye colors like that isn’t uncommon at all.

Birthdays and Birth Years

The Reincarnations have the same birthdays as their First 3 (F3) counterpart, while all 3 are born in the same 2 year window. They’re also always born around the same State Pod (like in one or live pretty close to it)

The loop doesn’t trigger until all 3 of the previous trio are dead, where the first of the Next 3 is born directly after (even if the 3 wasn’t awakened at all)

  1. Ice’s birthday is always April 1st
  2. Fire’s always March 5th
  3. Lightning’s always March 18th

The A3 cats don’t have the same age differences as their previous incarnations though. Take Lilly (ice), Tamara (lightning), and Walter(fire) for example (the last known A3). Lilly was the oldest at 3 when she was Reawakened, Walter and Tamara at 2-ish. There’s records of all the cats being Leader Age (2-3 years), Middle Aged (8-10) or just Recruits (7-11 months).

They don’t necessarily have to be part of the same team either, Lilly, Tamara, and Walter happened to live around the New York State pod and met for real after Reawakening (something that all A3 cats do eventually)

They’re always drawn to each other

This one is something that tends to happen with all of them eventually. The A3 incarnations that documented their own experiences have a common theme of meeting each other for the first time and immediately feeling like they’re an old friend that they haven’t seen in years and kinda lost touch with for a while, or at the very least a strong sense of “Have I seen you before??” And this is before they Respawned and gained the telltale scar and that feeling intensified.

There are times where the 3 haven’t properly met sometimes, either none of them were Reawakened and that weird sense of knowing them wasn’t strong enough to make them question it, or they just missed meeting at all. (Or they were killed by a Monster attack before meeting in the first place)