The Main 3

Patches Spanlen (She/Her), Lesbian
Age- 2 1/2 yrs (Mid-Late 20s Human)
Height- 2 1/2 feet
Breed- Devon Rex/Oriental Shorthair/Maine Coon/(????)
Power– Lightning/Lightning(probably??)
Position- Team Leader (Lancer)

The high strung leader of her team, Patches is a booksmart cat that can get overwhelmed pretty easy. But when it comes down to it, she’s an incredibly competent leader who’s gotten her team out of some pretty chaotic situations without breaking down herself.
She’s a very friendly cat, even if she has a tendency to overthink every move she makes. She also has 2 siblings and at least 13 half siblings


Sandy Mackren (She/Her), Aro/Bi
Age- 1 1/2 yrs (early 20s Human)
Height- 2 feet
Breed- Domestic Shorthair Tabby (some Lilac Point)
Power- Ice/Teleport
Position- Team Sniper

Sandy is an archery prodigy with her impressive skills with anything bow and arrow related. But it was all practice. Not because her grandmom was Mildred, nor for her relation to one of the last known Alpha Trio members, Lilly. It was all from months of downright obsessive practice.
Despite how closed off and cold she is, she’s still a very loyal teammate if you get on her good side.

Stewie Marbelo (He/Him), ??/Ace
Age- 7 Months (13-14 Human)
Height- 1’5″
Breed- Maine Coon/Munchkin
Power- Fire/Super Speed
Position- Team Recruit (Brawler)

Stewie is an incredibly passionate cat when it comes to witnessing injustices right in front of him. Mock someone’s “terrible” power combo or lack of control? He is ready to talk right back and defend the victim, steps away from throwing hands right then and there. He also has some lack of impulse control when he hears the phrase “Stay back” directed at him.
Once he gets his anger issues under control, he’ll be a much better teammate and friend overall, he’s just got some work to do.

The Last Known Alpha Trio

These 3 were the first incarnation of the Alpha Trio to show themselves in at least 60 years (the last ones having appeared pretty regularly up until 81910) and cats lost their dang minds when they reappeared again.
These 3 barely lasted a year Post Awakening before they got killed by a massive Monster attack, their newest recruit at the time being the sole survivor of the event.

Lilly Mackren (She/Her), Bisexual
Age (at death)- 3 1/2 years (40-ish Human)
Breed- Lilac Point (average height)
Powers- Ice/Toxic
Position- Team Leader (Archery Sniper)

Very much the face of the team, the most amiable of the three. Also overworked herself and frequently got sick from it

Walter Sevaan (He/Him, AFAB), Pansexual
Age (at death)- 3 Years (mid 30s Human)
Breed- Savannah Mix (TALL BOY)
Powers- Fire/Elastic
Position- Team Brawler

Incredibly high strung and seems to be on the edge of a panic attack at any moment, but he’s one heck of a Fighter
Dated Lilly for a bit, but eventually went with Tamara

Tamara Lonkair (They/Them), Biromantic/Demisexual
Age (at death)- 2.9 Years (Mid 30s Human)
Breed- Domestic Longhair (shortest)
Powers- Lightning/Healing
Position- Team Brawler/Lancer

The unofficial combat medic of the team, incredibly empathetic and is constantly fretting over both of their teammates.
They had a child with Walter a week before their final mission

Other Notable Cats

#78131920, aka “Ghost” (They/Them, sometimes He/Him) Aro/Ace
Age- 3-4 Months (5-6 Human yrs)
Height- 1 foot (and climbing FAST)
Breed- Sphinx+Monster hybrid clone
Powers- ??? (Claims Shapeshift/Toxic)
Just a kitten trying to have a normal life, vaguely aware of what’s going on
Mute, communicates mostly with sign language


Daisy Rosalee (She/Her), Bisexual
Age- 3 yrs (about 30)
Height- 1’8″
Breed- Singapura
Powers- Vibrato (Hyper Voice)/Plant
Position- Researcher, Ghost’s Caretaker
She’s the one who found Ghost, she’s going to fight for their life.
Still has no idea what she’s doing parent-wise but she’s working on that


Fiona Marbelo (She/Her), Pansexual
Age- 6 years (42+)
Height- 2’6″
Breed- Tabby/Munchkin Mix
Powers- Wind/Flight
Position- Team Leader (Lancer)
Stewie’s mom, a very “go with the flow” type cat.


Tigra Mackren (She/Her), Bisexual
Age- 1 1/2 (early 20s)
Height- 2 feet
Breed- Domestic Shorthair Tabby (some Lilac point)
Powers- Fire/Teleport
Position- Fiona’s Team Brawler
Sandy’s (nearly) identical twin sister. Very irritable and aggressive (but never full on insensitive, just very easily annoyed)


Misty Ragbun (She/Her), Probably Bi?
Age- 7.3 Months
Height- 1’5″
Breed- Ragdoll Mix
Powers- Void/Water
Position- Fiona’s Team Recruit (Sniper)
Stewie’s roommate, massive fan of Sandy (and Mildred/Lilly)


Flint Spanlen (He/Him, AFAB), Pansexual
Age- 2 1/2 years
Height- 2’7″
Breed- Oriental Shorthair/Coon/Devon Rex mix
Powers- Double Positive Lightning
Position- Team Leader (Brawler)
Bit of a narcissist. Also known to be nihilistic.
He means well but his delivery needs some work, among other things
The first of Patches full brothers.


Francis Foldfo (He/Him) [unsure of orientation]
Age- 7.8 Months
Height- 1’3″
Breed- Purebred Scottish Fold
Powers- ??/Toxic
Position- Flint’s Team Recruit (hasn’t decided on Rank yet)
Stewie’s other roommate. Reluctant to fight at all.


Morgan Mackren (She/He/They), Panromantic/Ace
Age- 10 months (around 16 Human yrs)
Height- 1’4″
Breed- Domestic Longhair Calico (some Lilac Point)
Powers- Teleport/Toxic
Position- Team Recruit (Brawler)
Sandy and Tigra’s younger sibling. Has Selective Mutism (goes mute during stress)
Sometimes uses sign language to communicate


Pickett Mackren (She/Her), Bisexual
Age- 16 years (84 Human yrs)
Height- 1’7″
Breed- Turkish Angora Mix (1/4th Lilac Point)
Powers- Healing/Fire
Position- Head Fighter
Head Fighter since she was 8, a good albeit somewhat flawed leader
Mildred’s younger sister (by 3 months), Sandy’s Grandaunt.
Has a strained relationship with Sandy given the resemblance to Mildred
Outlived her husband (Travis) and her son (Tim) but has some grandkits on her side.


Mildred Mackren (She/Her)
Age (at death)- 8 years old (50+)
Height- 1’7″
Breed- Turkish Angora mix (1/4th Lilac Point)
Powers- Ice/Duplication
The Ice Archer prodigy that used her clones to become her own team
Granddaughter of Lilly, Grandmother of Sandy/Tigra/Morgan, very famous
Died while trying to solo a mission while already worn out.
(Rumored to be the Ice A3 Reincarnation after Lilly, but never Respawned to prove it)


Hood Cat
Age- ???
Height- Avg-tall??
Breed- Tabby???
Powers- Time??????
Man they really don’t like Ghost do they?


Skimask Cat