Posting here to keep the pace going in the comic, the guest comic stuff is still valid though (maybe not the Twitch stuff as much)

SURPRISE UPDATE! It’s a guest comic call! Next month’s gonna be BUSY.

Email me at mannykat8x(at)gmail(.)com with your comics/art (make sure your images are 900 pixels wide) or with any questions. I’ll also be available on Discord for those who know me on there already and want to ask questions/ send the comics there, and also make sure to include:
– Your alias (username, real name, etc)
– A brief description of your comic/art (if you think it’s needed)
— Or some comments of your own in general
– Any links to sites you’re on (Twitter, Deviantart, etc)

Any help in this endeavor is greatly appreciated! I’m moderately confident in my own ability to get enough pages done to last a month at least (not counting what I already have queued up) but it’s always good to have a backup buffer on the off chance something blindsides me.

….legit though if you want my discord just DM me and I’ll send it back