I actually made these lads around August and just…never got around to promoting them. Whoops!

They’re my first attempt at FD-Adjacent merch, choosing to go with a generic base to add the ability to customize them either with random colors, or paint them differently upon request.

Although now I intend on phasing my resin stuff out to go back to 3D printing (depending on how well this venture works) and I’d like to give these guys homes to protect from Monsters. Which leaves the custom option off the table for the time being.

Mini Fighting Dreamers cat figures image 2

They’re good little figures though, maybe not the best at standing, and the paint jobs are a smidge rushed, but that just adds to their charm! I’m even discounting their original price from $18 to $15 both to reflect the moderate quality and also just so I can get them out of stock just a bit quicker.

Mini Fighting Dreamers webcomic resin cat figures image 8

I don’t expect to sell many of these at cons considering how niche they are, being based on the webcomic and all. But if these lads sound like a fun thing for you to have, hit me up on Etsy and we can work something out 😀

Besides, there’s Version 2 to look forward to… along with more simplified versions of the main cats in the future (just as soon as I learn more 3D modeling)