Oh yeah that’s right Stewie’s in a fight

ALSO this page is absolutely loaded with cameos of the DnD group I’m in with some friends of mine. We have two sets of characters, and with the 5 of us that’s at least 10 characters, maybe a few extras to round out their backstories and all that

First off are PJB and Lawrence, the main fighters (the Sphinx and Blue-tinted cat respectively), who also sparred like this in the campaign. PJB wasn’t adept at Magic and Lawrence at Fighting so they figured this would work

And then in the window behind them (if you can see them) from left to right it’s

  • Dante (From Devil May Cry)
  • Xzylsion “Xzy” (kinda obscured)
  • [Random Blue Cat]
  • Palea
  • ???
  • Roscoe
  • Lorna
  • Kaitu

The only one I own is Xzy. And I didn’t include my main girl from this group, Molly/Knit Girl (but she’s also very young right now). I also couldn’t fit Oliver and Truman, but knowing how they’re played, they wouldn’t have been into the fight nearly as much as the rest of the group.