We have a comic from Illus today, featuring Ghost and their overwhelming anxiety about their abilities and whole Monster deal

And as stated by the artist herself:

It always feels nice to try some fun things that isn’t just my own stuff. I just like the kittens lots, and Morgan too. They’re fun to draw and think about their personalities

Which is really cool, honestly I should do at least one chapter of Miles, Molly, and Ghost from their POV of an otherwise boring day. Like one of those breather episodes before something big happens. Feature side characters, all that stuff.

She and another friend of mine are combining their efforts and participating in Splinter City OCT which y’all should check out, I might even participate if I can figure out how to use a semi-dormant character of my own and figuring out a quick-to-draw story based on that and my potential opponents, but my track record for OCTs isn’t great and said character is tricky to work into the plot. We’ll see.