To kinda sweeten things up, and also because this occupied my brain earlier this week, check out my speedpaint of who the new Main 3 would be if I end up making the (spiritual) sequel series.

This also has news on it, but to sum it up. I went and deleted/temporarily hid most of the Fighting Dreamers (rest of it) series because by god I went and bit off more than I could chew with that and I should have learned my lesson when it came to writing up the ending of my other webcomic series (if you know you know) because it’s been stalled and probably will still be stalled until my interest finally cycles back to FD as a whole and I can just get it out of my head. I don’t know WHEN, but I do know that I’ll just be editing the videos together and adding the new bit at the end.

I know I say this every time but thank you everyone for having read this series, and sticking around even well past me trying to get myself together long enough to do new stuff related to it.

I’ll be keeping this site up both for archive’s sake, and for posting this (spiritual) sequel of the series, or the Star Crossed Eyes series (both in Storybook Form) as well as any comic-related updates….as long as I can afford it. See you whenever a video or one of these things drops 😀